Monday, February 4, 2013

Muscle of the Month


At school, I've been learning in gym about muscles. Every month we learn about a different muscle.  (September didn't have a muscle.)  The muscle of the month for October was the quadriceps.  In November, the muscle was the biceps.  In December, the muscle was the gastrocnemius.  In January, it was the pectorals.

Now, in February, the muscle of the month is the heart.  The heart is the most important muscle in your body.  At first, I didn't know that the heart was a muscle.  Whenever you do exercises, it pumps blood through your body.  (You might think that blood is a little yucky, but it's good for you.)  My dad says blood carries oxygen through your body for the rest of the body to use.  An exercise video would keep the heart pumping.

The quadriceps muscle is the part of the leg in between your waist and your knee.  A good exercise for the quadriceps is running, jumping, skipping, and walking.

The biceps muscle is part of the arm.  It is the part that makes a bump when you flex it.  When you eat, your biceps muscle gets stronger.

The gasrtocnemius is the muscle in between your ankle and your knee, in the back.  Some people call the gastrocemius the calf muscle.  The gastrocnemius is good for all of the things that the quadriceps are good for.  The gastrocnemius muscles are a star for jumping.

The pectoral muscles are in your chest where your lungs are.  Pushups are good for pectorals.